Monday, January 30, 2006

My First

This is my first posting in this blog. I've been thinking for a while of having my own weblog, so I can write down all my thoughts, ideas, reflection, jokes, worries, anything, at the end of the day. I have so many things in my head, sometime I worried it may explode if I dont -somehow, try to put it down by either writing it, or do something about it --act on it, not just thinking of it over and over again.

So this is it. My own blog. Actually, I already created one, about two years ago. But, at the time, I just did it for fun --not that this one will be too 'serious' or anything. I made the first one because then, almost everybody at my office had one. I know, its silly. But, I promise, this time its different. I created this blog, because I think I need a media. I want it to be my book, where I can trace down my thoughts, and how I change or not change, from this day forward. I felt like I experience too many things in one day --even in one event, there are so many point of views. I cant write it all down in my newspapers, so I need something else. Another media. My own media.

I'll try to write everyday, at the end of each working day. I'll reflect on things that happened during the day, and hopefully, that way, I can understand it more comprehensively.